The starting point of the project “No Border” was the assessment that the situation of refugees will be further aggravated. On the one hand through Germany’s rigid asylum policy and on the other through racism and xenophobia right into the middle of society. Wolgast, Berlin – Hellersdorf and Duisburg were the first signs of a similar pogrom mood as in the early 90s. 
We want to counteract this policy and mood with the book No Border and promote solidarity, respect and tolerance and fight racism and right-wing radicalism. The project wants to get the refugee youth from isolation and create a little of welcome.
Ayla, Victor, Richard, Achmed and EviN, young people with refugee history, have written biographical texts with the author Pamela Granderath that provide insights into the past and the present. This describes the life and aspirations of an adolescent in Ghana, an incredible flight from Afghanistan to Germany into words, the awkward way through German authorities formulated and documented the years-long struggle for a permanent residence permit. Partly satirical, sometimes demanding or relentless, the young people report on their lives as immigrants and show that freedom, a family or a passport can be more important than material security.
Informative, enlightening essay texts are devoted to topics on European and German asylum policy, Frontex, racism, extra-parliamentary resistance and artistic interventions against deportation and racism. These contributions are the result of workshops with young people in which the topics were dealt with. 
Furthermore, there are three songs in the book as a QR code, in which the young people, under the direction of the musician and composer Michio Woirgardt, have processed their lyrics into songs and have recorded them professionally. 
Visual and photographic No Border is represented by four works by students, which originated within the project “Nowhere is here” initiated by the Refugee Council NRW.
We want to take a clear position with No Border. Refugees have the right to live in privileged Europe or Germany and we are committed to a world without borders. 
No Border – No Nation – Refugees Welcome

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