Don’t get ripped off by your roofer

Don’t get ripped off by your roofer in Myrtle Beach

We can’t ignore the fact that, in every situation in our day-to-day life, we encounter with scammers, who are always there to scam and cheat you. We don’t want you to get ripped off by any roofing Myrtle Beach contractor call Alpha Omega Today. 
The following scenarios are based on three premises:

1. The fact that both shingle and tile roofs do provide a useful service life for over 25 years if proper steps are taken.
2. If a roof can last a long period of time and, “it should last”. But, if it doesn’t last 25 years the buyer has been ripped off.
3. Sometimes, it can be easier to see what not to do rather than to see what should be done with a new roof. 
Please be aware, we aren’t against any contractors.

Let’s check what we shouldn’t do with your roof in Myrtle Beach

1. The most primary and main point to check is whether the contractor or the company has a valid license or not, but don’t give a second thought about the people they hire or the unlicensed and uninsured sub-contractors they use.
2. Listen to the salesperson without questioning the long stories of the manufacturer’s long term materials warranty. Don’t think about the fact that they most likely are only talking about one of the many products used on your roof. When they write on the contract “Comes with a 30 or 50-year manufacturer’s guarantee” on your bid just accept it as fact. Do not pay attention to the warranty’s many exclusions and small print requirements. Often that’s enough to be judged.

We believe a roof is the most important part of your home


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3. You must know and believe that the price of the entire project is the main concern. Or let price be the final determination as long as the contractor meets all government requirements and use name brand materials.
4. You must not worry about the variety of products being used by the contractor. That’s often is useful for you, because it helps to cut down the extra amount and helps you to maintain a budget if you are having a tight one.
5. Believe all approved and certified roofing contractors will meet all the requirements necessary for an effectively extended workmanship warranty from the Manufacturer. Contractors would not take shortcuts to give you a lower bid or would they?
6. When a roofer writes “All work will be done per local building code” do not even dare to think, that those words could or would actually mean “We will do everything as cheaply as possible without getting into some type of trouble by the building department”. Believe that if your new roofing permit is pulled; you are getting a very high-quality roof. Trust the new local building department in Myrtle Beach inspector will make sure all work is done correctly.

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Contact us to learn about steps and proven methods we take to make sure the above disasters don’t happen to you. 

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